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Enhancing Socio-Economics Research in the Regions: The Road to Data-Driven STI Development, Planning, and Policy-Making

"DOST-PCAARRD has long recognized the importance of socio-economics, especially in understanding how science technologies and innovation (STI)
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Learning Management System

SERDAC - Luzon

The SERDAC Team has been providing support for requested Non-Degree Training, Seminars, and Workshops for capacity building of the researchers in the field of socio-economic and allied fields. SERDAC generally aims to provide support and increase the knowledge and skills of the researchers from SUCs and PCAARRD-Consortia Member Agencies. SERDAC Program Leader and staff members also offer Socio-economic, econometric, statistical analysis for research purposes and consultancy services for socio-economic and non-socioeconomic students/researchers (e.g., baseline studies, valuation studies, impact assessment, among others)..


What We Offer

Data Analytics

The center provides socio-economic, econometric and statistical analysis.


The center provides trainings and workshops to initiate research capability building activities.

Technical Assistance

The center provides assistance to further develop the capability of clients.

Research Implementations

The center provides support to government or non-government organizations and private individuals in the conduct of R&D on socio-economics


Selected books and journals on socio-economics, econometrics, statistics, and related subjects are available. Email us at for the copy of the needed journal article


The center provides free consultations in the conduct of R&D on socio-economics and other related subjects.

Training and Seminars Conducted


Resources from different Socio-Economic and other PCAARRD Funded Projects can be checked here.


What is SERDAC?

The demand for socio-economic research in the university and other regions in Luzon are increasing, therefore, enhancing the technology that will help its result to be more accurate is desirable. The need to strengthen socio-economic research was address by establishing a facility called Socio-Economic Research Center and Data Analytics Center (SERDAC).


To become the leading center for socio-economic research and data analytics in Luzon


Provide access to genuine socio-economic tools, cutting edge data analytics and relevant capacity development for quality research to generate inputs for policy makers that can enhance people’s welfare.


The SERDAC-Luzon generally aims to enhance the capacity of socio-economic researchers in Luzon and tap the potential of the socio-economic R&D sector in providing technical assistance to the other research sectors (e.g. crops, livestock, forestry, and fishery). Specific objectives are to:

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Seed Laboratory and ICT Building
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